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Sha-Boom is a vocal group who sing both acapella and with musical accompaniment. They perform Doo-wop standards and hits from the 50s to the 70s. But make no mistake, this is no mere nostalgia act: the joy, energy, and experience they bring to their music makes these songs as vital, powerful, and exciting as they were when you first heard them.

Sha-Boom Doowop 2016

John Iaci | Madeline Tanner | Sal Giarraffa | Frankie D

Sal Giarraffa has been making music for a long time. He started in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn in the 1950s, when he was in grade school. It was at a time when guys stood on street corners harmonizing and hoping to hit it big in the musical genre known as Doo-wop. Sal and some friends formed a group called The Arrogants and in 1962 they climbed on a bus for California to put some of their harmonies on wax. While there they recorded “Canadian Sunset" and "Mirror, Mirror" for Lute Records: 2 songs that have held a place in the canon of Doo-wop for more than 40 Years.

“Mirror, Mirror” is considered one of the top 1,000 Doo Wop songs of all time (2006 Encyclopedia of Oldies Doo Wop) and the single, which was later picked up and distributed by Candlelite Records, is one of the most sought after 45s by Doo-wop collectors.

Mirror, Mirror Doo-wopThe Arrogants Doo WopCanadian Sunset Doowop
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Sal moved to Port Saint Lucie in 1999 where he crossed paths with Frank DeCesare of New York Doowop group The Renditions - they started Sha-Boom together the next year. Sha-Boom combines the heart and spirit of the street corner with a lifetime of musical knowledge to create a sound that is somehow both retrospective and new. While the group rehearses the music, the show itself is ad-libbed, which adds to the fun.

"The singing is rehearsed, but in-between there are jokes and stories," says Giarraffa. "Oldies always tell a story, about the first date, first dance, first car... there's always a story behind the song."


Sal Giarraffa - Doo-wop

Sal Giarraffa was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Sal started his career at P.S. 29 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He was 1st tenor for The Arrogants and is also an accomplished drummer and timbale player. Sal co-founded Sha-Boom in 2000 after moving to Port Saint Lucie, FL and not finding much local Doo-Wop music.You can take the boy out of Brooklyn...

Frankie D

Frank DeCesare is originally from Manhattan & Astoria Queens, NY. From 1959-1999 Frankie performed with The Renditions (AKA The Wrenditions) who recorded 'Tonight is The Night' for KEF Records and reached #6 on the Gavin Charts. From 1990-1999 Frankie was Co-host and Co-producer of the very popular syndicated radio show "Mickey B's Juke Box Revue' - heard on WLUX-540 AM, WGBB-1240AM, WLNG-92.1FM, WCNJ-89.3 & 91.9 FM in the Metro LI, NY, NJ and CONN Area; and Worldwide on the internet's 'Mad House TV' network. Frankie' D started Sha-Boom with Sal in 2000.

John Iaci

John Iaci was born in Brooklyn NY's East New York section. He's been singing Doo Wop since High School in the 1960s. John sang with a group called The Del Mars who performed at Saint Michael's Church in Brooklyn. He then moved to Long Island where he sang with a band call Cinnimon. John has been performing music in Florida for the last 12 years.

Madeline Tanner

Madeline Tanner was born in The Bronx and taught elementary school for 31 years.  She sang Doo Wop as a teenager with The Concepts who recorded with ABC Paramount, and made a commercial for Thom Mc Cann shoes which got a lot of play on the radio. Madeline retired in 2002 and came to Port St Lucie where she started singing with Sha Boom for several years, and then with The Renditions. 

During a hiatus from singing she performed in community theater in The Pineapple Playhouse in Ft Pierce.  Madeline is now back with Sha-Boom and loving it!

The Concepts Doowop
Madeline w/ The Concepts

The Wrenditions

Frankie w/ The Wrenditions


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